Ricki (Almond Joy-like) Dough Girl Cookie

Here’s some recent pics for Dough Girl of her yummy Almond Joy-like cookie, Ricki.  It’s huck full of coconut, almonds & chocolate – YUM!


Here’s the gorgeous dough as it comes out of the bag (without the extra coconut, almonds & chocolate lying around, though, lol).


Home-baked yumminess!!  (Can I tell you again how much I love that these cookies are so easy to just pull out of the bag from your freezer & bake?  Seriously, you can just bake up a few even if you’d like.  I love the concept of gourmet ready-to-bake cookies at home; love it.)


And my favorite of all: oozing melted chocolate.  I was really happy with this picture in particular.  I loved how the melted chocolate really came through as the primary focus & that the ingredients around the cookies are in the blurred background.

I used to not like nuts at all, but I’ve been really working on liking at least almonds.  Do you like nuts?  Do you like coconut?  Have you tried this Dough Girl?



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2 responses to “Ricki (Almond Joy-like) Dough Girl Cookie

  1. Okay, you have me totally wiping drool off my keyboard! I need one of those fabulous cookies. RIGHT. NOW.

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