Backyard Grilling

These are some really fun pics I shot for Wasatch Woman Magazine’s July/August issue.  The issue has gone to print so I can FINALLY share them!!!  Yay!!!

The gist of the article was that you could cook your whole meal on the grill…

Wasatch Woman Grill Pics

…and then finish up with some homemade ice cream sandwiches… FINGER-LICKIN’ SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS!!!

Wasatch Woman Ice Cream Sandwiches

I took these pics of the chef’s daughter eating her ice cream sandwich.  I am in love with the contrast of her bright coral/red dress & dark hair against her fair skin.  It was so lovely to shoot.

Wasatch Woman Ice Cream Sandwich Eating

All in all, this was THE MOST DIFFICULT lighting I’ve ever experienced on a shoot.  Truly, it was madness.  We did it outside in the afternoon (not the best time for an outdoor food shoot anyways, but had to make it work).  When we started, it was overcast so I was using my gold reflector to warm things up a bit.  Then, it quickly turned to full sun, so we turned the direction of the grill & moved the picnic table to the shade & I had to pull out the diffuser to try to soften the lighting.  Then, it got overcast again & started raining so we moved everything under the patio.  Then, it cleared up and was full sun, but rained again in the full sun.  All of this transpired over an hour or two of shooting.  I was ready to pull out my hair, LOL.  Luckily, we still got some fun shots from the shoot.  I’ve requested that next time’s shoot must be in morning or twilight to at least help with one lighting problem.



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2 responses to “Backyard Grilling

  1. Once again you have me drooling over your food photography. That steak looks so yummy and those ice cream sandwich cookies are tempting me right now to hit the freezer! Yum!

  2. You would never know from looking at these great photos that you had difficulties with the light. They look so tasty! Great job, Quinn!

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