Evia’s Time in the Limelight

Evia DoughEvia Dough Girl Cookie

Things have been VERY busy & I have neglected my poor little blog!  Also, I’ve been having issues with a redesign for my portfolio site (the program keeps unnaturally stretching my photos, regardless of how support has told me how to fix it – at a semi-standstill).  However, I wanted to get some pics up from this latest shoot of My Dough Girl’s cookie of the month, Evia.  It’s a vanilla bean dough with pear slices, a marzipan center & pinenuts on top.  All in all, one gorgeous cookie.  I love how little vanilla bean flecks showed up in the dough pic.

There is some argument about the perfection of the food for food photography.  My personal take is that food isn’t perfect in real life & it’s the sweet little imperfections that give it character.  I once heard of a food stylist who spent a few hours tucking spaghetti noodles in so there would be no loose ends hanging out for a photo – bleh!  When we eat spaghetti, there are plenty of loose ends & that makes it interesting.  While I do think that good food styling can make or break a shot, I think excess styling can detract & make it look unnatural.  The little flaws humanize the food & make it more appealing.

I’m also not a fan of having tons of stuff in the shot either (i.e. lots of props).  Every dish has it’s own character, with or without needing to add a lot of props.  I like the simple beauty of a white background in most situations.  This dough & cookie are so light in color that the tendency would be to put some color in the photo somehow, like putting it on a colored plate or cloth napkin.  However, I think the simple elegance of this cookie really shone by not having anything but the cookie in the shots.  What do you think?  What do you like/dislike in food photography?


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  1. I decided to check out your website after visiting Sassy Scoops! I am amazed at your talent! The pictures bring the food to life and I am actually drooling as I scroll through your posts! Nice work!!

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