Two Peas and Pod Shoot

Spinach Salad
Berry Trifle
Bean Salsa
Angelfood Cupcake

Things have been really busy for me lately (yay!), so I’m catching up on blog posts.  These photos are from a shoot I did for a local food blogger, Maria Lichty, of Two Peas and Pod.  I took these pics at her home & … she & her hubby even let me taste the food!!!  You’d be surprised – probably – to know that when I photograph it, I rarely am invited to eat it.  That’s totally okay, though.  I know I’m not there to taste, but this was a really nice treat.  Maria’s food was yum, yum, yummy!!!  (and she’s adorable, to boot).

p.s. I’m having issues with my portfolio website ( so please don’t judge… it’s yucky & not working out & I’m getting gray hairs.  For my most recent photos, check out my Flickr photostream (& say a quick prayer that my portfolio issues can be resolved soon… xoxo).



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5 responses to “Two Peas and Pod Shoot

  1. Once again your work is fabulous! Did you save some for me?!?!

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  3. Thanks again! It was so much fun. Love your work! And you are welcome to taste our food any time!

  4. Quinn, Your pictures are beautiful, great clarity and brilliant color! I ran into your brother while he was picking up cookies for a shoot at My Dough Girl and he told me about your studio and work. I really appreciate a good photographer! Cristie

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