The Sun & Moon Cafe

Coconut Shrimp from The Sun & Moon Cafe
Duck with Vegetables


Here are some photos I took recently for The Sun & Moon Cafe.  They were taken on-location, which was really fun because I love getting to see the food in it’s setting.  The chef styled the food beautifully.  Each dish he brought out looked completely amazing.  I had a lot of fun capturing these shots & will definitely be going back to the Sun & Moon Cafe for a night out.  They are this cute little restaurant up in the canyon that has live jazz & bluegrass music.  I’d really like to go sometime when it’s warmer.  They were telling me how fun it is out on the patio in the summer.  There’s a river running nearby, so the ambiance is incredible.



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2 responses to “The Sun & Moon Cafe

  1. Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! I just want to reach out and take a bite from each dish. Amazing as always!

  2. Love the Sun and Moon! Beautiful photos!! I hope you got to at least take a bite of their homemade cheesecake- it’s divine.

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