Martini Shoot

MartiniMartini MartiniTuesday I had the privilege of shooting these martini shots for Utah Business Magazine.  It was a really exciting shoot for me, largely in part because it was pretty technical to get things just right. Because it was in a bar, it was a very low-light situation.  I loved getting creative & getting to use some geometry to really make the light fold over the martinis how I wanted it to.  I think we got some really beautiful effects from directing my flash at my silver reflector & bouncing the light onto the martinis.

I was really glad that the Art Director, Spencer Henderson, was right there with me at the shoot.  We were able to pinpoint exactly what they wanted for the magazine & execute it immediately.  These three were the favorites & I’m not sure what ones they’ll use, or if they’ll use all three.  What’s your favorite shot?



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3 responses to “Martini Shoot

  1. I love them all think you have done a great job !

  2. Those are beautiful! You did a great job even with the low lighting. My fave is the third one, but I’m a sucker for red, especially with orange accents. 😉 Awesome work!

  3. I’m with Emily — like the third one the best! Nice work

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