One Hot Cookie: Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Cookie - My Dough GirlAlexandra Cookie - My Dough GirlAlexandra Cookies - My Dough GirlAlexandra Cookie CrumbsNow that you’ve been properly introduced, I’m sure you’d like to get to know this hot dough girl, Alexandra, even better!  These cookie shots were done for My Dough Girl, a gourmet cookie dough company.  Each cookie is named & has a starlet “dough girl” photo icon attached to them.  This is one sexy cookie place.  Tami, the owner & “director of appetites” (as she likes to call herself), dreams up these fantastic cookie creations & sells them in dough form.  Then, you can take them home & throw them in the freezer to pull out & cook as desired.  Baking up these beauties really does make you the hero of your family.

Alexandra is made from a chocolate hazelnut dough all decked out with dried cherries & hazelnuts.  Mmm, mmm scrumptious!  We’re working on getting Tami’s shots done so she can open up her shopping cart online so everyone can order her decadant dough to be delivered to their door.  Seriously, does life get better than that?


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  1. I Love My Dough Girl! Alexandra is amazing…and your photography certainly does her justice! This month I am obsessed with Lucy–her lime cookie with a cheesecake center…delicious!

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