Milk Tastes Better in a Red Cup

Spring Rolls - Raw Melissa

When I was little, I read a book about a young girl who insisted that her milk tasted best in her red cup.  She was also convinced that she could splash bigger in ponds wearing her red boots and sleep better in her red pajamas. If anyone knows the name of this book, I would love to know it.  The concept has stuck with me, though the title hasn’t.

Only in desperate situations will I serve my kids their peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on a yellow plate.  I know: I sound completely crazy.  However – FINALLY – this odd quirk of mine is put to good use: I am a food photographer.  Wherever I go, whatever food I shoot, the colors (or lack of colors) surrounding the food are of utmost importance.

Shooting food can be really, really difficult.  Any skeptic only needs to try taking a picture of some food & they’ll see that it’s no walk in the park.  But, that’s where the challenge & the fun come in!

Do you have any color quirks?  Especially related to food?  Will you drink something green without batting an eye, or does green as a drink gross you out?

I loved the color combo of these beautiful spring rolls from Raw Melissa with the blue plate.  Perhaps spring rolls taste best on a blue plate.



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3 responses to “Milk Tastes Better in a Red Cup

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Hi – ended up here via Twitter. I’m a former preschool teacher and I might actually know the answer to this question…it’s Red Is Best – I think.

  3. that’s it!!! Thank you, thank you!! much love.. xoxo quinn

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