The Adorable Raw Melissa

Raw Melissa with Chocolate Pie

Raw Melissa with Chocolate Pie

Raw Melissa with Chocolate Pie

Raw Melissa with Chocolate Pie

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter client, than Melissa.  She has been so incredible to work for.  Melissa is completely genuine, down-to-earth & wonderful; she is the real deal.  Sometimes images of iconic people can be tainted when you get to know them, but not so with Melissa.  If anything, they have not done enough to market what an inspiring, joyful person Melissa is.  Every one of her dishes is pumped full of her joy for life, which I’m sure is why they are so delicious.  If anyone can make raw/vegan/vegetarian food scrumptious, it would be Melissa with her pizazz & spunk for living life to the fullest; being healthy enough to fully enjoy it.  I love & admire you, Melissa, & it’s a pleasure – always – to shoot you & your food.



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3 responses to “The Adorable Raw Melissa

  1. Great photos! Glad you had fun!!

  2. Well this is worrying there seems to be massive competition from across the pond in the shape of Limelight photography ! Have been watching this ladies photography grow from strength to strength
    She has a great natural warm style you can see that from her artists and food she loving captures. Watch out all you foodies mike tyson has entered the ring !!!!!!

  3. I love this series. You captured so much personality! Great job.,

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